Where wild flowers lead, wildlife follows

The March talk will be given by Sue Southway from Plantlife who will be talking about her work as an ecologist. Plantlife is a Salisbury-based British conservation charity that works nationally and internationally to save threatened wild flowers, plants and fungi. Sue will look at their work and in particular take a closer look at
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Vaccine Basics: from Development to Denial

In a last minute change to the calendar, the advertised February talk has had to be postponed and Michael Hudson will now be giving the February talk on the topic of vaccines. 

Can you believe your eyes?

The December talk will be given by Dr Lauren Barr who will be talking about the peculiarities of light: The nature of light and its interaction with matter dictates how we see the world, but is all as it seems?

Everything you wanted to know about chemistry, but were too scared to ask…

The January talk will be given by Prof. David Read of the University of Southampton who will be shedding light on the complex world of chemistry. If I had a pound for every time some said ‘I hated chemistry at school’, I’d be a very rich man!  Chemistry teachers have the unenviable task of trying
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Illustration of the Mary Rose from the Anthony Roll

The Mary Rose

The April talk will be given by Dr Philip Roberts of the Mary Rose Trust who will be talking about this famous warship of Henry VIII’s Royal Navy. In 1545, during a battle with an invading French fleet in the Solent, the Mary Rose capsized and tragically sank, killing about 500 of its crew. As
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Beneficial Gut Bacteria

Microbes In The Gut: A Primer

The November talk will be given by Michael Hudson who will be talking about his research into gut microbes.

The Numbers in our Daily Lives

The September talk will be given by Prof. Jim Anderson of the University of Southampton. In this talk, Jim will take you on an illustrated tour of some of the numbers that make (somewhat) surprising appearances in different aspects of our daily lives. Jim Anderson is Professor of Mathematics at the University of Southampton, specializing
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Video AI: from Pixels to Data

The July talk will be given by Pam Fisher who will be talking about her work on video AI. Today’s Artificial Intelligence creates an abundance of new opportunities.  This talk will focus on video AI, extracting meaning from moving images. ‘Deep learning’ in particular has reached new levels of performance, but requires substantial raw data
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Skylark: Britain’s first space rocket

The October talk will be given by Robin H Brand who will be talking about the Skylark, Britain’s first space rocket. These days, few have heard of the Skylark sounding rocket. Yet, in 1957, it was the first British rocket to reach space, and became the basis of Britain’s earliest space programme. Over the next
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Beautiful or Beastly? an Introduction to Bacteria

In a change to the programme, the June talk will now be given by Dr Suzanna Lewis who will be talking about her research into bacteria. Beautiful or Beastly is an introduction to the world of bacteria breaking down the basics of: what bacteria are, their structure and how this helps them survive, what they
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