Digital Twins by DHL Australia

Digital Twins: Scientific and technological breakthrough or marketing ploy?

The March talk will be presented by Prof Ronni Bowman talking about her research into Digital Twins.

A digital twin is a virtual model of a real world entity, environment or process. This means that it mimics its real world counterpart in all aspects and can be used to assess safety, functionality and degradation. 

Digital twins are already being sold as the solution to many safety, environmental and economic problems and are recognised as a potential game changer for developing and maintaining new products and optimising processes. 

This talk will explore what exactly a digital twin is, whether the technology lives up to the hype, what we need to worry about and how they link to an AI driven future.  It will summarise the science and the unanswered questions, it will explore what is currently a reality and what the future might look like.

Prof. Bowman is a Visiting Fellow of Statistics and Data Science at Liverpool University. She specialises in uncertainty calculation and communication and Bayesian inference.





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