Artificial left arm, metal, with hand and canvas shoulder strap. Made by the Mckay Artificial Limb Company.

An insight into upper-limb prosthetics

The February talk will be given by Dr Alix Chadwell who will be talking about her work on prosthetics.

For a person with limb absence, a prosthesis can be an invaluable part of their life, but many people find that upper-limb prosthetics don’t live up to their expectations. This talk will provide an insight into how these devices work, the different reasons a person may want to use one, and the realities of usage.

Alix is an Anniversary Research Fellow in Medicine at the University of Southampton, a Medical Engineer, and is Vice-chair of the International Society of Prosthetics and Orthotics (ISPO) UK members society.

Poster for Dr Alix Chadwell


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