Stonehenge Solar Eclipse March 20 2015 Taken between about 9am and 11am on 20th March 2015 from the National Trust field just north west of Stonehenge, by Simon Banton.

The Astronomy of Stonehenge

The July talk will be given by Simon Banton on his astronomical work on Stonehenge.

An illustrated talk about the generally accepted as well as the more controversial astronomical alignments at Stonehenge. Which of the theories are plausible, and which aren’t?

Did the builders really have the depth of understanding of the movements of the Sun and Moon that some believe they did? Can it actually be used to predict eclipses?

Simon is an astronomer who has been fascinated by Stonehenge for over 30 years and has appeared on both the Sky at Night and Stargazing Live! talking about the astronomy of the monument. He worked for English Heritage at Stonehenge for 6 years and now leads private tours of the World Heritage Site and hosts after-hours visits for small groups inside the stone circle.


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