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This page describes the various sections of the Salisbury Café Scientifique website and how to use them.


Click on the logo at the top left of any page to go back to the homepage.

The Main Menu

This can be found in the bar at the top of each page and provides key links to resources across the website.

Attend a talk

This link provides information about attending a talk including the venue used for Salisbury Café Scientifique events and detailed descriptions of how to find us and a Google Map showing the location.


The calendar link takes you to a page showing all the Salisbury Café Scientifique events as a list looking a year ahead. This makes it easier to see all the upcoming events and print the list as needed. You can also view our and other interesting events on a calendar style monthly view you can use to see at a glance when they take place. See the calendar help pages for more information on how to make best use of this.

Mailing List

Use this link to subscribe, unsubscribe or amend your subscription details for the monthly newsletter and occasional bulletins.


This link will take you to the blog section of the site where you can find information about upcoming and past events, including those run by Salisbury Café Scientifique and other organsiations. You can also find interesting news articles and other information about science.

The blog is written by a number of authors and you can comment on any of the posts or respond to comments from other people.

All the blog posts have tags to allow them to be grouped by subject; click on a tag to see all posts on that subject. The tags are also presented as a Tag Cloud on the right hand side of the website; this shows the frequency with which tags have been used on the website. Blog posts are also grouped into one or more categories depending on the topic. The categories are as follows:

  • Events – upcoming events organised by Salisbury Café Scientifique & others
  • Groups and Organisations – information about local groups & other organisations
  • Salisbury Café Scientifique events – upcoming events organised by Salisbury Café Scientifique
  • Website updates – news about the website; new additions, changes, etc

All the category and tag pages are RSS enabled so you can subscribe to any topic or subject that takes your interest. You can subscribe using any reader of your choice, either a web based one like Google Reader or one that downloads to your computer or mobile phone for offline reading.

Contact Us

Contact details for the organisers can be found here so if you have anything to say directly to them or to the website manager, you can find all the information you need here.

Global Science News

Here you can find news feeds from across the web, the best of science news brought together for you to read.


Here you will find a list of frequently asked questions about Café Scientifique in general and Salisbury Café Scientifique in particular. Also help such as this page.

Other Resources


We're on Flickr!
We’re on Flickr!

Posters, photographs and other images from the Salisbury Café Scientifique Flickr website are available. Photos are taken at events or relate to the subject matter of particular presentations.

Flickr is a photo sharing and social networking site where you can find many interesting photographs. If you also use Flickr, you can add Salisbury Café Scientifique as a contact.


We're on Twitter!
We’re on Twitter!

Twitter is a social networking site for exchanging short messages. Salisbury Café Scientifique uses Twitter to publicise upcoming events and new blog posts and to engage in discussion about any of the above. If you have something to say, you can Tweet us!

Our Tweets are also published on the bottom of the homepage so you can easily see what’s going on.


We're on Facebook!
We’re on Facebook!

We have a Facebook page where our content is also published if that is your preferred choice.