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  • Does the context of healthcare matter? [CANCELLED: SEE UPDATE]

    [info] UPDATE: This talk has been cancelled The replacement June talk will now be given by Dr Suzanna Lewis who will be talking about bacteria [/info] The June talk will be given by Dr Kat Bradbury who will be talking about how contextual factors can affect treatment outcomes. In this talk Dr Bradbury will present […]

  • Genome in Action: The wonderful world of epigenetics.

    DNA Methylation by Christoph Bock, Max Planck Institute for Informatics

    The February talk will be given by Prof. Deborah Mackay, who will be talking about her research into epigenetics. All the cells in our bodies contain the same DNA, but they’re all doing different things with that DNA.  The epigenetic ability of cells to vary what genes they use is what makes us the amazing, […]

  • September Talk – UPDATE – Change of Speaker!

    Dr Caroline Wheeler is no longer able to make it so her talk on the Science of Sleep has been replaced by a talk from next year’s programme featuring Dr Adrian Bowyer talking about Self-replicating Manufacturing Machines.

  • The Science of Sleep

    The September talk will be given by Dr Caroline Wheeler who will be talking about the science of sleep. What happens to your body and your mind when you sleep ? When you understand this it’s so much easier to sleep well. She believes that education is the basis of good health; for once you […]

  • The Russian Doctor

    The June talk will be given by performer Andrew Dawson, with neurophysiologist Jonathan Cole. They will be talking about their project the Russian Doctor. In 1890, Anton Chekhov journeyed alone for three months across 5,000 miles of Siberian wilderness to make good on his commitment to medicine. His destination: the remote Tsarist penal colony of […]

  • July meeting – A double bill!

    We are very lucky to have two speakers for the July meeting! There is a medical theme with both speakers coming to us from Liverpool where they work as consultants in the NHS.

  • Cultural & psychological determinants of work-related illness & disability

    Prof Coggon was awarded a personal chair in Occupational and Environmental Medicine in 1997.  In 2005 he joined the newly formed MRC Epidemiology Resource Centre.  David Coggon’s main research interest is the epidemiology of occupational and environmental causes of disease.  In particular, he has published widely on the relation of musculoskeletal disorders to physical activities […]