Does the context of healthcare matter? [CANCELLED: SEE UPDATE]

The Placebo Effect by Patrik Nygren


UPDATE: This talk has been cancelled

The replacement June talk will now be given by Dr Suzanna Lewis who will be talking about bacteria


The June talk will be given by Dr Kat Bradbury who will be talking about how contextual factors can affect treatment outcomes.

Poster for Dr Kat Bradbury

In this talk Dr Bradbury will present research which explores how contextual factors  such as  the patient-practitioner relationship, practitioners’ expectations of how well patients will respond to treatment and the setting within which treatment is provided (e.g. NHS/private practice) might impact on treatment outcomes, such as back pain and disability.

Dr Bradbury is a Health Psychologist working at the University of Southampton. Her PhD and post-doctoral research has explored how contextual aspects of a treatment (sometimes called placebo effects) might influence how well treatment works.


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