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  • Everything you wanted to know about chemistry, but were too scared to ask…

    The January talk will be given by Prof. David Read of the University of Southampton who will be shedding light on the complex world of chemistry. If I had a pound for every time some said ‘I hated chemistry at school’, I’d be a very rich man!  Chemistry teachers have the unenviable task of trying […]

  • Slow Water

    Water Drop by José Manuel Suárez

    The May talk will be given by Dr Chris Bore of Kingston University who will be exploring the very peculiar and poorly understood properties of water, and how these properties are key to our world and life upon it. Water is the most common, and most mysterious, substance on Earth. Shaped by deep subtleties of […]

  • Discovery of the Elements: Geography & Fame

    Jan Brueghel the Younger and Hendrick van Balen, An Allegory of the Four Elements

    The January talk will be given by Chick Wilson, Associate Dean for Research in the Faculty of Science and Chair in Physical Chemistry at the University of Bath. We scientists like to think of ourselves as rational, analytical and fair, so one would expect this to be reflected in some of the highest profile areas, such […]

  • Making Things Work in the Mysterious Metastable World

    The January talk will be given by Prof. Chick Wilson of the University of Bath who will be talking about some clever chemistry. From stopping garden swings in defiance of gravity to colour changing cars and incredibly tiny on-off switches, Bath Chemist Professor Chick Wilson invites you into his Mysterious Metastable World. Chick will explain […]

  • Tenth Anniversary!

    The January talk will be the tenth anniversary of Salisbury Cafe Scientifique. During that period there have been over a hundred fascinating talks on a broad range of subjects.

  • Biofuels: Fuelling the future or big fraud?

    The July talk will be given by Prof. David Read of the University of Southampton who will be talking about the viability of biofuels. This talk will explore the viability of biofuels as a sustainable solution to the “energy crisis”. The focus will be on the chemistry behind the fuels as well as the social, […]

  • Frontiers of Coordination Nanospace: from crystal sponges to sustainability

    The January talk will be given by Dr Darren Bradshaw, School of Chemistry, University of Southampton. The nanoscale space within high surface area porous solids such as metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) allows chemists and materials scientist’s to control the reactivity and organisation of guest molecules hosted within. This presentation will explore some of the unique properties […]

  • Liquid Crystals: the fourth state of matter and today’s flat-screen displays

    The September talk will be given by Prof. David Dunmur, visiting professor at the University of Manchester in the Liquid Crystal Group and co-author of Soap, Science and Flatscreen TVs (with Tim Sluckin). Although liquid crystals were discovered 125 years ago, they might have been forgotten as a scientific backwater had not a little known […]