Everything you wanted to know about chemistry, but were too scared to ask…

The Map of Chemistry Poster by Dominic Walliman

The January talk will be given by Prof. David Read of the University of Southampton who will be shedding light on the complex world of chemistry.

Poster for David Read
Poster for David Read

If I had a pound for every time some said ‘I hated chemistry at school’, I’d be a very rich man!  Chemistry teachers have the unenviable task of trying to get students to ‘see the unseeable’, which evidently doesn’t come naturally to most of the population.

This talk will attempt to demystify some aspects of the subject, helping the audience to appreciate the value of chemistry in their everyday lives, and hopefully assisting them in understanding some of the chemical principles that govern the world around us.

David Read is Professorial Fellow in Chemical Education at the University of Southampton.





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