Making Things Work in the Mysterious Metastable World

"Cathodes – baked to order" by BASF
“Cathodes – baked to order” by BASF

The January talk will be given by Prof. Chick Wilson of the University of Bath who will be talking about some clever chemistry.

From stopping garden swings in defiance of gravity to colour changing cars and incredibly tiny on-off switches, Bath Chemist Professor Chick Wilson invites you into his Mysterious Metastable World. Chick will explain how clever Chemistry can allow us to trap molecules in states where they never expected to be, and how this gives them fascinating properties. And yes, you might even be able to use this to make things invisible!

Poster for Prof. Chick Wilson
Poster for Prof. Chick Wilson

Chick Wilson is Associate Dean for Research in the Faculty of Science and Chair in Physical Chemistry at the University of Bath.  His research group has a wide-ranging programme of research in structural chemistry (including extensive work in crystal engineering and solid state molecular materials design), in crystallisation science (particularly for continuous manufacturing applications, targeted at pharmaceutical materials), and in functional materials chemistry (focused on the development and implementation of metastable state molecular materials, seeking to create then exert control over dynamically-switching behaviour). Having spent many years trying to get good at this area of research, Chick now enjoys carrying out this science with a wide range of collaborators.

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