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  • Microbes In The Gut: A Primer

    Beneficial Gut Bacteria

    The November talk will be given by Michael Hudson who will be talking about his research into gut microbes.

  • Close Encounters of The Ebola Kind

    The September talk will be given by Dr Christopher Logue and Dr Suzanna Hawkey who will be talking about their work with the Ebola virus for Public Health England. Christopher will introduce Ebola virus and the disease it causes and give his experiences of working in a field diagnostic lab during the peak of the […]

  • Mosquitos

    Jolyon Medlock of the Health Protection Agency returns to Cafe Sci this month on January 8th to talk about mosquitos. He will be covering some of the key topics relating to these pesky biting insects including their life cycle, diseases caused by them, and their distribution and abundance. He will also look at ways in […]

  • The UK alcohol scene and issues of liver transplantation; facts and figures

    Following on from Prof. Roger Williams talk for the May Café Scientifique meeting, we are very please to have an edited version of his presentation online. This contains many of the facts and figures used to support his arguments and is most informative.

  • The UK alcohol scene and issues of liver transplantation

    Professor Roger Williams, CBE, is Director of the Institute of Hepatology & Foundation for Liver Research. People who drink their youth away as teenagers are coming to clinics like mine by the time they are in their late twenties and early thirties. I am seeing young people suffering from jaundice and hepatitis from alcohol abuse. […]

  • Flies in the Face of Disease

    Blue bottles, green bottles and house flies are usually a source of annoyance at picnics and barbecues and considered a ‘bad thing’. In food shops they are excluded in order to prevent the spread of disease. However in their larval stage the maggots of blowflies have been found to be valuable sources of alternative disease […]