Close Encounters of The Ebola Kind

Ebola Virus by  CDC Global
Ebola Virus by CDC Global

The September talk will be given by Dr Christopher Logue and Dr Suzanna Hawkey who will be talking about their work with the Ebola virus for Public Health England.

Close encounters of the Ebola kind
Close encounters of the Ebola kind

Christopher will introduce Ebola virus and the disease it causes and give his experiences of working in a field diagnostic lab during the peak of the Ebola outbreak in Guinea. Suzanna will discuss the design and implementation of the predeployment ebola training course at Public Health England (PHE), together with her first hand experiences working in an Ebola diagnostic lab in Sierra Leone.

Since 2014, together with colleagues in the Novel and Dangerous Pathogens training group, the speakers have developed and delivered the pre-deployment Ebola diagnostic training course at PHE. This course is undertaken by all UK volunteers going to support the Ebola treatment centres in Sierra Leone. In August 2014 and again in March 2015 Christopher led a small rapid response team of scientists seconded to the European mobile Labs in Guinea. Suzanna was deployed to support the PHE Ebola diagnostics Laboratories in Sierra Leone over December 2014 and January 2015.





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