A1 Submarine fledermaus 2

How science is helping to bring the hidden past back to life

A1 Submarine fledermaus 2 by Wessex Archaeology
A1 Submarine fledermaus 2 by Wessex Archaeology

The May talk will be given by Andy Manning of Wessex Archaeology.

Science has always played an important role in archaeology, but recent advances in remote scanning and material analysis has revolutionised our ability to bring the past back to life and reveal hidden stories. The talk will cover advances in the location of new sites and the analysis and dating of human remains and material. These advances enable us to follow in the footsteps of a remarkable man buried 4,600 year ago in Amesbury, to solve a thousand year old murder mystery from Dorset and show how light, literally, can be used to reveal hidden cities and historic landscapes.

Andy Manning is a Senior Fieldwork Manager at Wessex Archaeology, based in Salisbury. He has worked for over 25 years throughout Britain and Europe in a wide range of major projects ranging from early hunter-gather sites to modern military buildings. He specializes in the design and implementation of archaeological investigations and their final publication. An important part of his role is communicating the results to all, via public displays and lectures, both in his normal work and as a member of the Council for British Archaeology and Chartered Institute for Archaeologists.


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  1. Ben avatar

    Could the caption be changed? Fledermaus is the software, the image is from interpreted MBES data! Noted the attribution #copyright? https://www.wessexarch.co.uk/news/hms-a1

    1. paul avatar

      Hi Ben, thanks for your comment. The caption is that supplied by Wessex Archaeology on Flickr; as per the attribution guidelines, a link back to the image page is provided and captions are not modified. The image is also released under Creative Commons license permitting reuse. Plus this is just a slightly nicer version of the image Andy supplied. Hope that’s all ok?

      If you (WA) would like to provide a different caption, I’d be happy to oblige.

      All best 🙂

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