Moll Harris's Clump by Stuart Logan

Ecology and Conservation of Porton Down

The July talk will be given by Sarah who is an Ecological Officer responsible for conservation and ecology at Dstl.

Porton Down is a designated area, protected as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), Special Area of Conservation (SAC) and Special Protection Area (SPA) for its Chalk downland, Juniper and Stone-curlew population. There is a wide range of special features and wildlife from its butterfly and plant populations to its woodland areas.

This talk will give an overview of the ecology and conservation of the site and some of the conservation projects that are being undertaken.

The image (above) is of Moll Harris’s Clump by Stuart Logan. “The distant clump is the site of an undated round barrow. This landscape has a slightly surreal feel to it; being a military area since 1916 has protected it from modern incursion. Thomas Hardy might have recognised the ambience. Road users are warned not to climb over the wire fences into the hinterland.





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