How to ruin the best university system in the world

Poster for Prof Chris Rhodes
Poster for Prof Chris Rhodes

The September talk will be given by Prof Chris Rhodes who is making a welcome return to talk to us.

Professor Chris Rhodes is Director of Fresh-lands Environmental Actions and is based in Reading. He has written numerous scientific articles and recently published his first novel, a black comedy on the disintegration of the British university system.  The subject of this talk is highly topical just as his previous talks to us on oil reserves and energy problems have been.

His own website provides a short biography:

I began my career in industry, spending 5 years with Beecham Pharmaceuticals and Wellcome Research. I graduated from Sussex University obtaining both my B.Sc and D.Phil there, and then worked for 2 years at Leicester University as a post-doctoral fellow with Professor M.C.R.Symons, FRS. I was appointed to a “new-blood” lectureship in Chemistry at Queen Mary and Westfield College, London University, and then moved to LJMU as Research Professor in Chemistry in 1994.

In August 2003, I set-up as an independent consultant dealing with energy and environment issues, in which capacity I am currently involved in projects concerning land remediation, heavy metal and radioactive waste management, radiation effects on biomolecules and on satellite components, alternative fuels and energy sources based on biomass and algae, and hydrothermal conversion of biomass and algae to biochar, fuels and feedstocks for industry.






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