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  • Online science talks

    Ferrán Adriá at the Harvard Science & Cooking Lecture Series 2011

    Some additional science content to keep you busy over the summer whilst Salisbury Cafe Sci will not be running any talks.

  • Video AI: from Pixels to Data

    The July talk will be given by Pam Fisher who will be talking about her work on video AI. Today’s Artificial Intelligence creates an abundance of new opportunities.  This talk will focus on video AI, extracting meaning from moving images. ‘Deep learning’ in particular has reached new levels of performance, but requires substantial raw data […]

  • Kurzgesagt – ‘In a nutshell’

    Kurzgesagt - 'in a nutshell'

    Kurzgesagt present a YouTube channel chock full of really interesting, informative science videos presented as humourous, informal animated short films.