Video AI: from Pixels to Data

Artificial Intelligence & AI & Machine Learning by Mike MacKenzie

The July talk will be given by Pam Fisher who will be talking about her work on video AI.

Poster for Pam Fisher

Today’s Artificial Intelligence creates an abundance of new opportunities.  This talk will focus on video AI, extracting meaning from moving images. ‘Deep learning’ in particular has reached new levels of performance, but requires substantial raw data as a starting point, along with new skills and infrastructure in machine learning.  Since over 75% of all Internet traffic is comprised of video, cloud-based analyses are valuable.

Pam Fisher is Executive Director at The Media Institute, a non-profit organisation, founded by University College London in 2010, that is focused on enabling and supporting media-centric research and development.  She has created businesses and managed projects in media technology for over 25 years, has an MBA from London Business School, and most recently has led over 10 academic-industry collaborative projects in research-quality video AI.



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