Tag: evolution

  • Sci-Fi influences on Evolutionary Linguistics

    The December talk will be given by Dr Hannah Little who will be talking about her research into evolutionary linguistics.

  • The Origin of Species in 45 minutes

    'Charles Darwin for Time Magazine' by Charis Tsevis

    The March talk will be given by Dr Neil Gostling from the University of Southampton. Neil will be talking about what Darwin did and didn’t say in that most famous published work on evolution by natural selection.

  • Co-evolution between bats and insects

    Every night a battle between bats and their insect prey rages above our heads as bats call and listen for the echoes of their dinner.  Many insects have evolved anti-bat defences: unlike us, they can hear the ultrasonic calls of bats and avoid an attack with evasive flight. Dr Holger Goerlitz is a Research Fellow […]