Rematerialise Sustainable Materials Library

Poster for Jakki Dehn
Poster for Jakki Dehn

Materials can be recycled, re-processed, renewed and reduced.  Designers have a crucial collaborative role to pla, for material development to continue to have less impact upon the environment.  Up to 90% of the material that we throw away is recoverable.  Someone somewhere has the imagination and the ingenuity to turn this rubbish into a resource.

Based upon research initiated in 1994 by Jakki Dehn the REMATERIALISE library now houses over 1,200 materials which either use less non renewable resources or come from renewable resources.  REMATERIALISE is a unique, sustainable materials library and online resource, that offers innovative material solutions which can have both economic benefits and less environmental impact.

The over 1,200 samples with many different origins from crushed scallop shells, airplane windscreens, denim jeans, banana tree fibres, mobile phones, nettle fibres and sunflower seed husks tempt architects, designers and researchers to visit the library and develop new uses and markets for materials that are often at an early stage of their life.  The selection criteria include materials that use less non-renewable resources that are often with recycled content, are easily renewed, have been overlooked, have aesthetic potential, are in production or have the potential to generate new business.  REMATERIALISE is perfectly placed within an educational institution, where students are excited by new materials and are as concerned as designers to reduce their impact upon the environment





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