Quantitative Bioimaging: Looking Beyond the Image

Human cell super resolution by  ZEISS Microscopy
Human cell super resolution by ZEISS Microscopy

Poster for Dr Ed Cohen
Poster for Dr Ed Cohen
The March talk will be given by Dr Ed Cohen on the subject of quantitative bioimaging.

Ed Cohen is a Lecturer in Statistics at Imperial College London, where his research interests include quantitative bioimaging, a scientific discipline that uses mathematics and statistics to analyse biological images.

Super-resolution microscopy is a collection of imaging techniques allowing experimenters to delve beyond classical resolution limits to image cellular structures in astonishing detail. It is currently receiving widespread interest, cemented this year with the original pioneers receiving the Nobel Prize for Chemistry.

In this talk Ed will present an overview of super-res microscopy and provide some examples of how mathematics and statistics can be used to extract key biological information from complex images.


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