Pub Acoustics, Soundscapes and Beer

Pub in Soho, by Davide D'Amico

Pub in Soho, by Davide D'Amico
Pub in Soho, by Davide D’Amico

In a change to the programme, the July talk will now be given by Juan Battaner-Moro from Southampton Solent University who will be talking about how sound can affect your pub experience.

We all have been in quiet pubs and in noisy pubs. But how does sound affects our pub experience? In this talk we will explore how the acoustics of a pub can affect anything from your mood to the taste of the beer that you are drinking! You will be introduced to the acoustic parameters that define a pub, from intimacy and intelligibility to how dangerous the coffee grinder machine noise level could be. But not all is reduced down to an acoustic measurement and a number, we will also review the latest psychoacoustics research and company acoustic branding.

Juan is a Senior Research Fellow in the School of Media Arts and Technology where he is course leader for the Institute of Acoustics accredited professional courses (Diploma in acoustics and noise control, Certificate of Competence in environmental noise measurement and Certificate of Competence in building acoustics measurement).

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