Personal Data, Reflections and Control

Data by Roderique

Data by Roderique –

The October talk will be given by Richard Gomer of Southampton University talking about his work on the Meaningful Consent in the Digital Economy project, examining issues of consent and citizen empowerment with relation to digital technologies.

Over the last two decades the mass availability of the Internet, and World Wide Web has transformed how we socialise, do business and live our lives.  It has generated new businesses, and huge economic value by creating better experiences and new ways to reach consumers. The vast quantity of data about us that is generated and stored promises to improve not only the individual experience but also to help solve societal problems.  Who truly understands how data are collected, traded and used?  How could we control these processes even if we did understand?

Poster for Richard Gomer

Poster for Richard Gomer

In this talk, Richard will uncover the hidden network of brokers, advertisers and websites that make billions from tracking and profiling each of us, and discuss issues of personal data, empowerment and ultimately control in our new hyper-connected digital world.

Richard is a researcher in the Agents, Interaction and Complexity group at the University of Southampton. He dreams of a world where people are helped to understand technology and to know what is happening with their personal data.

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