Intermediate Ballistics

103rd Rescue Squadron trains at the firing range

103rd Rescue Squadron trains at the firing range
Tech. Sgt. Jason Cangemi, an armorer for the 103rd Rescue Squadron, 106th Rescue Wing test fires an M4 carbine during a multi-day training course at the firing range on April 9, 2015. (New York Air National Guard / Staff Sergeant Christopher S Muncy / released)

The October talk will be given by Dr Aimee Helliker of Cranfield University who will be talking about her research into Intermediate Ballistics. This exciting field of research concerns the time between a projectile leaving the muzzle of a firearm until the moment the pressure behind the projectile is equalised; we can look forward to a particularly energetic talk featuring some explosive content! Thanks are also due to Aimee for stepping in to give the talk at short notice after the scheduled speaker pulled out at the last minute.

The video below is used by Wikipedia to show how intermediate ballistics can be investigated.

This video demonstrates the transitional ballistics of a shotshell. Gas initially escapes past the wad creating a supersonic gas flow revealed in this video as Mach diamonds. This video was captured with a Phantom v12.1 high-speed camera viewing through a single-pass schlieren imaging setup by Nathan Boor of Aimed Research.

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