DOMAINE – Dissolved Organic Matter in Freshwater Ecosystems

Monitoring Station on the River Nadder, Quidhampton
Monitoring Station on the River Nadder, Quidhampton

The DOMAINE project is a major research project looking at water quality in our rivers, streams and wider ecosystem. As part of this, the project has set up monitoring stations on watercourses, three of which are in our area: the River Nadder at Quidhampton, the River Wylye at South Newton and the River Nadder at Burcombe.

The project team have contacted Quidhampton Parish seeking volunteers to assist with the project; they may well be seeking help at the other monitoring sites also. Details are over on the Quidhampton Parish website.

The origins, nature and metabolic pathways controlling the impact of dissolved organic matter (DOM) on aquatic ecosystem and human health are poorly understood, undermining our ability to develop appropriate policy and planning to bring adverse effects under control. The DOMAINE project, funded by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) aims to assess the origins and rates of Dissolved Organic Carbon (DOC), Dissolved Organic Nitrogen (DON) and Dissolved Organic Phosphorus (DOP) flux to aquatic ecosystems from the surrounding landscape.

You can follow the project over on their website including seeing the real-time data flowing in (excuse the pun) from their monitoring stations.


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