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  • Online science talks

    Ferrán Adriá at the Harvard Science & Cooking Lecture Series 2011

    Some additional science content to keep you busy over the summer whilst Salisbury Cafe Sci will not be running any talks.

  • Update on COVID-19 lockdown

    During this time of lockdown, with events such as ours having had to be cancelled, we wanted to stay in touch and update you regarding the remaining talks this season.

  • Bloodhound is go!

    The Bloodhound SSC car

    Following on from the April 2017 talk, an update on the recent live runs of the Bloodhound SSC car as it continues on track to break the 1000mph target speed.

  • Kurzgesagt – ‘In a nutshell’

    Kurzgesagt - 'in a nutshell'

    Kurzgesagt present a YouTube channel chock full of really interesting, informative science videos presented as humourous, informal animated short films.

  • September Talk – UPDATE – Change of Speaker!

    Dr Caroline Wheeler is no longer able to make it so her talk on the Science of Sleep has been replaced by a talk from next year’s programme featuring Dr Adrian Bowyer talking about Self-replicating Manufacturing Machines.

  • Events in Salisbury for July

    Learning by Anne Davis

    July has a couple of interesting events which Salisbury Cafe Sci folk may find interesting, in addition of course to our own July talk from Dr David Read talking about his research on biofuels. First is a Question Time style debate looking at the latest developments in the world of genomics, how this is changing medicine and […]

  • Future Debates: Genome Data Privacy

    Abstract Lines DNA Art on Canvas by Lisa Camper

    a Question Time style debate with a panel of experts including medical professionals, scientists and philosophers on the topic of “Is my Genome Result Just for Me?”

  • Tenth Anniversary!

    The January talk will be the tenth anniversary of Salisbury Cafe Scientifique. During that period there have been over a hundred fascinating talks on a broad range of subjects.

  • Ada Lovelace Day 2015

    Tuesday 13th October 2015 is the date for this year’s annual Ada Lovelace Day, celebrating the achievements of women in science, technology, engineering and maths.

  • The Life Scientific – Dave Goulson

    One of our upcoming speakers for next year, Prof. Dave Goulson, is featured on Prof. Jim Al-Khalili‘s Radio 4 science programme The Life Scientific. You can catch the programme here on iPlayer.