Calendar and Events list

The calendar and events list have served their purpose but are not as flexible as they could be nor the prettiest. As such, the current calendar will be replaced by a more powerful calendar by The Seed Network. This new calendar offers all the functionality of the current calendar but will also provide:

  • Supports subscription in Google Calendar or any other calendar (via iCalendar ICS format feeds). This will allow anyone to dynamically import our events into their calendars, be it on their desktop computers, mobile phones or indeed on other websites (eg other Cafe Sci websites)
  • Ability to import ICS feeds from other sources so as other organisations publish their calendar feeds in this way we can dynamically load all or some of their events directly to the Cafe Sci calendar.
  • Much improved formatting especially for printing of event lists
  • Ability to filter by category or tag; only show (and print) events you are interested in
  • User controllable views; choose to view by week, month or as a list

The ICalendar functionality is of particular benefit; it promises to revolutionise the way we can use and share our and other peoples calendar information.

These changes will require a bit of work to accomplish as all the past and upcoming events will need to be migrated to the new system but the benefits are definitely worth it.

Watch this space!





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