Bright Club

Bright Club comes to Cafe Scientifique!

Bright Club
Bright Club

The December event is a real corker this year! The good folks from Bright Club Southampton and Bright Club Oxford are coming to town, bringing their unique style of comedy meets science.

What is Bright Club?

Bright Club is a comedy evening where researchers turn their work into Stand-up. Its for anyone who thinks that the best way to learn is by laughing. According to Wikipedia (which is of course the standard source of academic truth these days):

Bright Club is a collection of comedy-club-style events in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Australia promoting public engagement by scientists, academics and others with specialist knowledge.

It has been described by The Guardian as “a ‘thinking person’s’ comedy night”, and by Londonist as “where funny meets brains.”

[info]As this event promises to be particularly popular, it would be really helpful if you could register in advance to give us an idea of numbers.[/info]

The Evening’s Line Up

Bright Club comes to Cafe Sci!
Bright Club comes to Cafe Sci!

Opening and hosting the evening is stand-up comic Alex Farrow. Alex is director at the Bright Club Oxford, host at Stand-up History, one half of comedy production outfit Tight Five and has a special interest in the Philosophy of Science. A one time teacher he has been invited to perform academic themed comedy everywhere from the National Museum of Scotland to the Melbourne Comedy Festival. Personal motto: if you’re not laughing your learning.

Next up are some of Bright Club Southampton’s favourite funny researchers selected by the fabulous David Christensen (PhD in stem cells and joke teller):

Sadie Jones: Sadie is some kind of astrophysicist who did a PhD studying Black Holes and, despite everything, she’s now trying to encourage more young people to study astronomy.”

Jess Spurrell: Jess has finally completed her PhD in very, very cool things (Cryogenics and Superconductivity), which was almost entirely unrelated to her MEng degree in Rocket Science, and she now has more fun than ever working as the University of Southampton’s School University Partnership Officer.

Grace Andrews: Grace is a research scientist who studies climate change mitigation in the department of Ocean and Earth Science at the University of Southampton.

Neil Gostling: Neil is an evolutionary biologist, which means he gets to go on trips to places like the Galapagos Islands and call it work.

Chris Allen: Chris was a nurse and is now interested in how the internet can be used to improve the lives of patients and build communities.

Closing the evening will be stand-up Iszi Lawrence. Iszi recently hosted a show about the History of Medicine for The British Science Festival and believes nothing is too obscure or weird to be fun and funny. Iszi regularly works with Making History on Radio 4, as well as writing, hosting, and co-producing The British Museum Membercast





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