Breathing – The Secret Weapon in Sporting Performance

Poster for Mitch Lomax
Poster for Mitch Lomax

Dr Mitch Lomax is Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Physiology and BASES Accredited Sport and Exercise scientist at the University of Portsmouth, Department of Sport & Exercise Science

Dr Lomax will be explaining how Breathing may be considered as ‘the Secret Weapon in Sporting Performance’. She will cover the role of how the breathing muscles, which are generally overlooked by sports performers and coaches alike, can limit exercise performance.

She will also explain how these muscles can be targeted to improve sporting performance. While she will mostly cover these topics in relation to fit and healthy individuals, she will briefly touch on some relevant breathing diseases/disorders.





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  1. Jonny Branney avatar
    Jonny Branney

    Sorry I missed this, sounds fascinating. Any chance this will be repeated?

  2. paul avatar

    It was indeed a fascinating talk! We have had speakers return to give second and third presentations so it is not impossible for this talk to be repeated in some form but having said that, it is not currently scheduled to be repeated.
    I would recommend subscribing to the calendar and that way you will be notified if it is repeated. Failing that, check back periodically or use the search tools to find anything related to Mitch Lomax.

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