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  • Slow Water

    Water Drop by José Manuel Suárez

    The May talk will be given by Dr Chris Bore of Kingston University who will be exploring the very peculiar and poorly understood properties of water, and how these properties are key to our world and life upon it. Water is the most common, and most mysterious, substance on Earth. Shaped by deep subtleties of […]

  • What is Quantum Internet?

    Quantum Internet

    The April talk will be given by Daryus Chandra of the University of Southampton who will be talking about his research into quantum computing.

  • From heliographs to the Internet: celebrating Light

    Fibreoptic laser fingers

    The October talk will be given by Matthew Posner, University of Southampton, who will be talking about his research in optoelectronics. 2015 has been declared by the United Nations as the International Year of Light. Matthew’s talk will explore how light is used to bring us the internet that we know today and discuss the […]