Tag: microbiology

  • Beautiful or Beastly? an Introduction to Bacteria

    In a change to the programme, the June talk will now be given by Dr Suzanna Lewis who will be talking about her research into bacteria. Beautiful or Beastly is an introduction to the world of bacteria breaking down the basics of: what bacteria are, their structure and how this helps them survive, what they […]

  • Plague!

    Prof. Petra Oyston of DSTL will be giving the February talk on the topic of plague. Her talk will cover: A brief history of Plague Pandemics and their impact The lifestyle of the bug The evolution of the bug from a stomach bug to the present ‘nasty’ bug Current efforts to develop a vaccine Usual […]

  • Bio-Safety in Resource Poor Countries

    As part of the Tetricus Seminar series, Dr Nigel Silman of the HPA Microbiology Services will be talking about “Bio-Safety in Resource Poor Countries”. As usual, a light lunch will be provided. Please RSVP to Fiona Larkin directly if you would like to go. The venue is as usual: the DSTL Conservation Centre.