Abstract Lines DNA Art on Canvas by Lisa Camper

Future Debates: Genome Data Privacy

Abstract Lines DNA Art on Canvas by Lisa Camper
Abstract Lines DNA Art on Canvas by Lisa Camper

Our very own Dr Becky Poole is organising a Question Time style debate with a panel of experts including medical professionals, scientists and philosophers on the topic of Is my Genome Result Just for Me?

[callaction url=”https://cafescientifiquesalisbury.org.uk/event/future-debates-genome-data-privacy/” background_color=”#F1F2F3″ text_color=”#9476A7″ button_text=”Click here!” button_background_color=”#ffffff” button_text_color=”#ffffff”]Monday 18th July @ 7pm – see the calendar for details:[/callaction]

The cost and time of sequencing the entire genetic code of an individual and has greatly decreased, such that it may soon be a routine test performed within the NHS. Genomics England are currently undertaking a large project to sequence 100,000 genomes to enable us to begin to fully exploit the genetic code. During this event we will explore issues surrounding the use, re-use and storage of this information, rights and privacy in the light of the obvious and significant advantages and potential pitfall and problems.

This event is part of the British Science Association‘s Future Debates series and is free to attend but space is limited so book a ticket early to avoid disappointment. The event is listed as usual on our calendar with full details including a map, times, etc.


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