X-rays and Food Safety – Dr Richard Parmee, University of Cambridge

February 11, 2022 @ 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm
Lady Mitchell Hall
Sidgwick Avenue
Janet Gibson

Dr Richard Parmee is an engineer and serial entrepreneur in the fields of image processing, automatic X-ray inspection and electronic gauging. He has worked extensively in the fields of precision measurement, statistical quality control and end-of-line inspection and has supplied equipment to many of the largest companies in the world. He is the chairman of the Cheyney group of companies, an international group engaged in developing and implementing X-ray applications for the food and pharmaceutical industries.
Richard holds a PhD and MA from the University of Cambridge and is currently researching field emission using Carbon Nanotubes, for X-ray generation, at the Centre for Advanced Photonics and Electronics in Cambridge, and the application of high attentuation sensor materials with University of Surrey. He holds the William Pitt Fellowship at Pembroke College, Cambridge. He is a mentor and angel investor in start-up companies, and is a board member of the Cambridge Angels.

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