The Importance of Usability Studies in Product Development – Danny Godfrey Co-founder of EG Technology

November 3, 2021 @ 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm
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Suzanne Boone

User-Centred Design is an integral part of every development programme. Achieving a deep understanding of the user, where they will use the product and what they will use it for increases the chances of creating a product that is safe, effective and enjoyable to use.
But should usability studies be integrated into every product development programme? Are they really necessary? Are the benefits over-egged? Can they be done at the end of the project to satisfy the regulatory process?
Using a previous case study as a working example, this webinar will take you through the key considerations which should be factored into every development programme from the outset. It will then move on to the importance of incorporating data, and why gaining an explicit understanding of the user, tasks and environment is critical to successful product development, even if it means sometimes going back to the drawing board.
Topics to be covered include:
• The key things to consider from the outset of any development programme
• The importance of putting the user first & obtaining user insights early
• Using contextual research to drive product requirements and early-stage prototypes

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