Do We Report the Information that is Necessary to Give Psychology Away? – Bharathy Premachandra (Cornell University)

March 17, 2021 @ 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm
via zoom
David Young

Miss Premachandra will be discussing her paper with Neil Lewis Jr.: “Do We Report the Information that is Necessary to Give
Psychology Away? A Scoping Review of the Psychological Intervention Literature 2000-2018”:

Psychologists are spending a considerable amount of time researching and developing interventions, in hopes that our efforts can help to tackle some of society’s pressing problems. Unfortunately, those hopes are often not realized—many interventions are developed and reported in our journals but do not make their way into the broader world they were designed to change. One potential reason for this is that there may be a gap between the information reported in our papers, and the information others, such as practitioners, need to implement our findings. We conducted a scoping review to assess the extent to which the information needed for implementation is reported in psychological intervention papers. Results suggest psychological intervention papers report, at most, 64% of the information needed to implement interventions. We discuss the implications of this for both psychological theories and applying them in the world.

Miss Premachandra is a graduate student in the Department of Communication at Cornell University.

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