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Last feed update: Thursday April 19th, 2018 02:34:27 PM

Beyond Picasso: 6 Female Artists Who Turned Modern Art On Its Head

Thursday April 19th, 2018 07:10:37 PM Elaina Zachos
Picasso wasn’t the only important turn-of-the-century artists. These six women influenced modern art around the world.

This Tea Master Is Preserving an Ancient Art for Future Generations

Thursday April 19th, 2018 06:25:20 PM Heather Brady
The sensei from Japan began learning how to host the ceremonies when she was just six years old.

First-of-Its-Kind Footage Shows Cells Moving in Live Animals

Thursday April 19th, 2018 04:37:00 PM Nick Lunn
A newly developed technique excels at capturing 3-D images of cells in their natural environments.

Fruit Flies Likely Enjoy Sex, Offering Clues Into Drug Addiction

Thursday April 19th, 2018 04:11:28 PM Katya Zimmer
Deciphering the brain mechanisms involved in pleasure may help scientists learn how to help people addicted to heroin and cocaine.

Prehistoric Toothless Whale Among Oldest of Its Kind

Thursday April 19th, 2018 03:31:22 PM John Pickrell
Fossils unearthed in New Zealand belonged to an ancestor of minkes and humpbacks that lived about 27.5 million years ago.

'Sea Nomads' Are First Known Humans Genetically Adapted to Diving

Thursday April 19th, 2018 03:11:00 PM Sarah Gibbens
For hundreds of years, the Bajau have lived at sea, and natural selection may have made them genetically stronger divers.

'Exploding Ant' Rips Itself Apart To Protect Its Own

Thursday April 19th, 2018 02:45:06 PM Jason Bittel
When attacked, this otherwise assuming ant also releases a yellowish goo that smells like curry.

How This New Probe Will Hunt for 'Alien' Earths

Wednesday April 18th, 2018 11:05:00 PM Nadia Drake
The Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite will find whole new worlds at the right distances for us to spot signs of life.

48 Environmental Victories Since the First Earth Day

Wednesday April 18th, 2018 09:30:00 PM Brian Clark Howard
As Earth Day turns 48, we take a look back at the biggest milestones in environmental protection.

How Deep-Sea Fish Are So Exceptionally Black

Wednesday April 18th, 2018 08:45:04 PM Elizabeth Anne Brown
In the darkness of the oceans' depth, fish have evolved a strategy to become nearly invisible to prey.

New Bird of Paradise Species Has Smooth Dance Moves

Wednesday April 18th, 2018 08:32:21 PM Sarah Gibbens
To woo a female, this bird flips up his cape, puffs out his chest, and shimmies his little feet.

See the Last Footage of Rare Tree-Climbing Lions

Wednesday April 18th, 2018 07:22:08 PM Richie Hertzberg
National Geographic explorer Alexander Braczkowski spent six months following a pride of tree-climbing lions before they were poisoned.

How Ultramarathon Runners Took on World's Most Difficult Trail

Wednesday April 18th, 2018 07:10:00 PM Elaina Zachos
The intrepid team tackled Bhutan's Snowman Trek—typically a month-long feat—in a record-breaking two weeks.

See This Incredible Artist Draw a Whole City From Memory

Wednesday April 18th, 2018 01:30:00 PM Nina Strochlic
Diagnosed with autism at age three, Stephen Wiltshire is now famous for producing highly detailed scenes after just a brief glance.

Inside the Black Market Hummingbird Love Charm Trade

Wednesday April 18th, 2018 01:00:00 PM Rene Ebersole
Catch a hummingbird. Kill it. Wrap it in underwear, cover it with honey—and sell it to arouse passion in a lover. Who does this?

First Bat Removed From U.S. Endangered Species List

Tuesday April 17th, 2018 09:26:08 PM Michael Greshko
Just thirty years ago, only a thousand of the bats remained—but after decades of work, the species is thriving.

Biologists Attempt to Save Orphaned Baby Bat

Tuesday April 17th, 2018 08:40:35 PM Sarah Gibbens
The effort spotlights how vulnerable and fragile this species is in its early days.

Diamonds From Outer Space Formed Inside a Long-Lost Planet

Tuesday April 17th, 2018 04:09:52 PM Sarah Gibbens
A gem-studded meteorite that fell in Sudan offers clues about the protoplanets that likely existed in our solar system's violent past.

Why We Created This First-of-Its-Kind Digital Field Journal

Tuesday April 17th, 2018 04:01:11 AM David Lang
The new community platform is designed to empower the next generation of global explorers.

Ancient Chronicles Show Modern Demise of Snub-Nosed Monkeys

Tuesday April 17th, 2018 04:01:00 AM Sophie Yeo
China’s 2,000-year-old enthusiasm for keeping meticulous records is providing scientists with an unusual resource to track the dwindling primate numbers.

This Film Crew Might Be the First to See Humpbacks Give Birth

Tuesday April 17th, 2018 04:01:00 AM Sarah Gibbens
Follow along on their journey to capture this world first.

This Is What One of the Last Great Migrations Looks Like

Tuesday April 17th, 2018 01:05:00 AM Elaina Zachos
Sandhill cranes have been migrating through Nebraska for thousands of years, and current efforts aim to make sure they can continue to flock there by the hundreds of thousands.

The Race to Save the World's Disappearing Languages

Monday April 16th, 2018 03:24:00 PM Nina Strochlic
Every two weeks a language dies. Wikitongues wants to save them.

Exclusive: How We Made the First 3-D Virtual Reality Video in Space

Monday April 16th, 2018 02:42:20 PM Nadia Drake
Astronaut Paolo Nespoli had to get creative to shoot this stunning footage aboard the International Space Station.

Where Did Picasso’s Genius Come From?

Saturday April 14th, 2018 04:01:00 AM Simon Worrall
Pablo Picasso’s talent was fierce, dark, and revolutionary, but did it reach the level of true genius? It’s complicated, a new book says.

As Koalas Suffer From Chlamydia, A New Clue For Treatment

Saturday April 14th, 2018 04:00:00 AM Liz Langley
Scientists may have discovered how antibiotics can better help Australian marsupials infected with the sexually transmitted disease.

Watch Two Men Do Gymnastics 500 Feet Above the Ground

Friday April 13th, 2018 09:16:43 PM Heather Brady
The pair had been planning to do so for years, and in February they finally got their chance.

Turtle With Green Mohawk Faces Extinction

Friday April 13th, 2018 09:03:59 PM Sarah Gibbens
On a list of endangered reptiles, the Mary river turtle turned heads, but it's only one of many facing extinction.

Squirrels Brought Back From the 'Dead'—Thanks to CPR

Friday April 13th, 2018 09:00:53 PM Jason Bittel
Experts caution intervening with sick wildlife is risky, and should always be a last resort.

How This African-American Filmmaker Was Inspired By African Indians

Friday April 13th, 2018 08:32:16 PM Heather Brady
Feeling a connection to their struggles, Asha Stuart sought to shine a light on the resilient Siddi community.

8 Lion Cubs Killed in Suspected Poison Attack

Friday April 13th, 2018 07:02:36 PM Jani Actman
Poisonings are a grave threat to the survival of wild lions as humans encroach on their available habitat.

Ancient Forest Home of Squatter Communities Is Doomed by Coal

Friday April 13th, 2018 05:04:05 PM Michelle Z. Donahue
Germany’s Hambach Forest sits in the crosshairs of coal mining, stirring debate about conservation and energy production.

When Rescuing Wildcats Can Do More Harm Than Good

Friday April 13th, 2018 04:33:25 PM Sarah Gibbens
One man thought he was rescuing a domestic kitten, but experts say he may have separated a wild cat from its mother.

Ancient Shark Fishermen Found Buried with Extra Limbs

Friday April 13th, 2018 02:23:37 PM Kristin Romey
Archaeologists are stumped why these 1,900-year-old Peruvians were buried with bonus body parts—in one case, with two extra left legs.

No, the World Will Not End on April 23

Friday April 13th, 2018 01:56:26 PM Michael Greshko
No matter how you interpret the latest cosmic signs, history tells us people don’t have the best track record at predicting the apocalypse.

Swarms of Huge Sharks Discovered, Baffling Experts

Thursday April 12th, 2018 04:40:54 PM Cecelia Smith-Schoenwalder
Basking sharks sometimes congregate in groups of up to 1,400, a new study of aerial surveys reveals.

Friday the 13th Is Back. Here's Why It Scares Us.

Thursday April 12th, 2018 02:57:00 PM Brian Handwerk
Find out how the date got its unlucky reputation and how even nonbelievers may be influenced by our collective triskaidekaphobia.

How 879 Days of Spaceflight Changed This Cosmonaut

Thursday April 12th, 2018 02:43:37 PM Nadia Drake
Over 17 years and five flights, Gennady Padalka has accumulated more time in orbit than any person, ever.

How Diverse Emojis Encourage More Social Inclusion

Wednesday April 11th, 2018 07:08:26 PM Elaina Zachos
When skin tone emojis were first launched, some feared social media users would abuse them. But a new study shows that’s not the case.

Innovative Greenhouses Help Farmers Adapt to Climate Change

Wednesday April 11th, 2018 04:11:00 PM Janice Cantieri
In India, a simple greenhouse is transforming lives—creating jobs for women and arming growers against unpredictable weather.

Exclusive: Fatal Disease Likely Found in Lion Cubs for First Time

Wednesday April 11th, 2018 03:29:27 PM Elaina Zachos
Caused by a mineral deficiency, the paralyzing disease normally affects sheep, cattle, and goats.

Chimps Eat Baby Monkey Brains First—A Clue to Human Evolution

Wednesday April 11th, 2018 02:25:34 PM Shauna Steigerwald
The apes have surprising strategies for how they eat meat, a new study says.

How One Country Is Restoring Its Damaged Ocean

Wednesday April 11th, 2018 04:01:14 AM Tik Root
Belize was criticized for putting its stunning coral reefs and other marine resources at risk. The country responded with innovative solutions.

Tiny Gold Monkeys and Pumas Are Getting Their Own Highway

Tuesday April 10th, 2018 07:45:49 PM Sarah Gibbens
Conservationists say a new wildlife corridor will help save what's left of a Brazilian forest fractured by development.

Head-Banging Gopher Tortoise Shows Why The Species Matters

Tuesday April 10th, 2018 04:44:16 PM Bethany Augliere
On Gopher Tortoise Day, the charismatic reptile sheds light on an animal crucial to the ecosystem of the southeastern U.S.

These Are the 10 Most Endangered Rivers in the U.S.

Tuesday April 10th, 2018 02:20:25 PM Sarah Gibbens
America's waterways face renewed threats from industry-friendly environmental policies, a new report finds.

Origin of Mysterious 2,700-Year-Old Gold Treasure Revealed

Tuesday April 10th, 2018 04:01:00 AM Joshua Rapp Learn
New analysis unveils the origin of the storied Carambolo Treasure, and despite previous claims, it has nothing to do with Atlantis.

This Man Has Helped Give 460 Dead Whales a Second Life—As Art

Monday April 9th, 2018 09:51:02 PM Emma Marris
Hori Parata handles dead whales on New Zealand beaches the Maori way: He extracts the bones so they can be carved into jewelry or art.

These Beetles Use Booze-Soaked Trees to Farm Their Food

Monday April 9th, 2018 07:00:00 PM Douglas Main
Ambrosia beetles have a surprising reason for seeking out trees full of ethanol.

Prehistoric 'Sea Monster' May Be Largest That Ever Lived

Monday April 9th, 2018 06:00:12 PM John Pickrell
Finding the 85-foot ichthyosaur hints that other isolated bones from the U.K. may also belong to ancient behemoths.

See How Spiders 'Fly' Around the World on Their Silk

Monday April 9th, 2018 04:15:31 PM Sarah Gibbens
By releasing a silky sail, the crawlers can “balloon” far distances—sometimes over entire oceans. See how they catch the wind.

Why Space Fans Flock to This Eerie Landscape

Monday April 9th, 2018 04:11:38 PM Nadia Drake
“It’s almost like outer space coming to you,” a photographer says of the aurora-filled skies over this otherworldly locale.

88,000-Year-Old Finger Bone Pushes Back Human Migration Dates

Monday April 9th, 2018 03:00:00 PM Sarah Gibbens
The find, from a prehistoric lake site in Saudi Arabia, challenges the idea that modern humans did not leave Africa until 60,000 years ago.

Changing the Way We Think About Plastics

Monday April 9th, 2018 12:00:11 PM
Evian is setting the standard for a world without waste plastic.

Meet the Beetles that Harvest Fog in the Desert

Saturday April 7th, 2018 04:01:41 AM Liz Langley
It's just one weird way animals drink.

How Animal Rescues Like Justin Beaver Help Their Species

Saturday April 7th, 2018 04:01:28 AM Amy Rankin
Plucky rescues like "JB" and Arnie the Armadillo can serve as educational ambassadors, but their care can be tricky.

Three Billionaires Are Racing to Space. Who Will Win?

Saturday April 7th, 2018 04:01:00 AM Simon Worrall
Elon Musk is eyeing Mars, Jeff Bezos aims for the moon, Richard Branson is all about space tourism. Some say they should save Earth first.

This Snake Rips Its Prey Into Pieces, Instead of Swallowing it Whole

Friday April 6th, 2018 09:03:54 PM Douglas Main
"They are doing things that snakes are not supposed to do," expert says of the cat-eyed water snake.

How Do You Protect Endangered Animals at Night? Ask an Astrophysicist.

Friday April 6th, 2018 08:45:16 PM Sarah Gibbens
To covertly watch animals targeted by poachers, this team of scientists wants to send in the drones.

A Running List of How Trump Is Changing the Environment

Friday April 6th, 2018 06:15:00 PM Michael Greshko
The Trump administration has promised vast changes to U.S. science and environmental policy—and we’re tracking them here as they happen.

Fact or Fiction: Can You Really Sweat Out Toxins?

Friday April 6th, 2018 05:09:59 PM Erika Engelhaupt
There are plenty of good reasons to work up a sweat. Detoxifying your body isn’t one of them.

Six Female Explorers Who Took Adventure Into Their Own Hands

Friday April 6th, 2018 02:22:24 PM Heather Brady
These women gamed a discriminatory system to set out on world-changing expeditions.

Meet the Man Who May Be India's Last Taxidermist

Friday April 6th, 2018 04:02:00 AM Rachel Brown
The self-taught craftsman preserves wild animals from all over the country for future generations to enjoy—but worries his art will die with him.

Meet Brian the Rescued 'Mini-Kangaroo'

Thursday April 5th, 2018 05:14:31 PM Ellen Rykers
He loves napping and cuddling corn cobs—and he's an ambassador for little-known marsupials of Australia.

Exclusive: Massive Ancient Drawings Found in Peruvian Desert

Thursday April 5th, 2018 04:19:00 PM Michael Greshko
Armed with satellites and drones, archaeologists discover new Nasca lines and dozens of other enigmatic geoglyphs carved into the earth.

Greco-Roman Temple Unearthed in Egypt

Thursday April 5th, 2018 09:59:35 AM Elaina Zachos
A sculpture of a man's head and two limestone lion statues were among the artifacts uncovered at the archaeological site.

Famous Japanese Snow Monkeys Take Baths to Lower Stress

Wednesday April 4th, 2018 08:42:00 PM Sarah Gibbens
Just like us, snow monkeys may cope with winter weather by taking warm baths, a new study found.

Thousands of Black Holes May Lurk at the Galaxy's Center

Wednesday April 4th, 2018 06:01:00 PM Sarah Gibbens
The discovery could help scientists better understand the space-time ripples called gravitational waves.

Five Baby Bird Cams You Don't Want to Miss This Spring

Wednesday April 4th, 2018 03:43:46 PM Benji Jones
It’s hatching season, and the eggs are starting to crack. Here’s where to catch the action live.

What If Martin Luther King Jr. Were Never Assassinated?

Wednesday April 4th, 2018 10:15:00 AM Rachel Brown
In weighing the question, historians unravel how Americans construct King’s legacy—and how we conceive of civil rights in our own time.

These Mysterious Whales Are the Jazz Musicians Of the Sea

Tuesday April 3rd, 2018 11:01:00 PM Carrie Arnold
Listen to the complex, variable songs created by the bowhead whale, a little-studied denizen of Arctic waters.

Your Vote Could Help National Geographic Win a Webby Award

Tuesday April 3rd, 2018 10:38:43 PM National Geographic Staff
From social media campaigns to virtual reality, National Geographic was busy this past year.

What to Know About the Germs in Your Home

Tuesday April 3rd, 2018 08:51:00 PM Sarah Gibbens
The average person encounters thousands of different germs every day, but most are harmless.

Is This Mongoose Playing Dead or Just Playing? Video Cracks Up Experts

Tuesday April 3rd, 2018 07:48:50 PM Jason Bittel
A dwarf mongoose and a Southern yellow-billed hornbill engage in never-before-seen behavior in footage captured in South Africa.

Why This Harmless Caterpillar Disguises Itself as a Venomous Snake

Tuesday April 3rd, 2018 07:02:08 PM Elaina Zachos
A convincing disguise transforms the hawk moth caterpillar into a small snake to ward off potential predators.

This Is the Farthest Star Humans Have Ever Seen

Tuesday April 3rd, 2018 04:46:35 PM Sarah Gibbens
The discovery could help astronomers better understand the evolution of the universe.

UK to Introduce 'Toughest' Ivory Ban in the World

Tuesday April 3rd, 2018 03:08:03 PM Rachael Bale
With Europe playing a major role in the ivory trade, conservationists are hopeful the UK’s ban will pave the way for EU-wide action.

Why This Giant Crack Opened Up In Kenya

Tuesday April 3rd, 2018 01:09:41 AM Sarah Gibbens
The region has yielded a trove of archaeological finds in the past and may border a new continent 50 million years in the future.

Huge Dinosaur Footprints Discovered on Scottish Coast

Monday April 2nd, 2018 10:00:00 PM Michael Greshko
The tracks shed light on dinosaur life in the Middle Jurassic, a period from which few fossils have survived.

Here's How to Watch or Stream 'One Strange Rock'

Monday April 2nd, 2018 04:13:04 PM National Geographic Staff
National Geographic's mind-bending love letter to Earth is airing now. See how to watch or stream the series.

How Do Asteroids Create Life?

Monday April 2nd, 2018 03:09:00 PM Sarah Gibbens
Asteroids helped shape life on Earth, and astronomers are studying the chunks of rock to learn about life in other solar systems.

Chinese Space Station Crashes Back to Earth

Monday April 2nd, 2018 01:51:00 AM Nadia Drake
So far, there are no reports of debris or sightings of the craft's descent.

Spring Meteor Shower, and More Can't-Miss Sky Events in April

Sunday April 1st, 2018 04:01:00 AM Andrew Fazekas
This month will delight sky-watchers with a host of planets, glittering star clusters, and the peak of the annual Lyrids.

War in Syria: Stories of Survival and Hope

Saturday March 31st, 2018 01:36:00 PM Simon Worrall
A reporter follows a group of Syrians from all sides of the war—fighters, students, children—and their struggles to survive the conflict.

Last Male Northern White Rhino Sudan Remembered in Ceremony

Saturday March 31st, 2018 01:31:27 PM Sarah Gibbens
On Saturday, Kenya's Ol Pejeta Conservancy held a memorial service for the famous animal, complete with his favorite food—carrots.

Why This Animal Can Live for Over 500 Years

Saturday March 31st, 2018 04:01:00 AM Liz Langley
Animals that live in deeper waters and don’t move a whole lot are likely to have longer lives.

Why Are American Samoans Not U.S. Citizens?

Friday March 30th, 2018 08:46:00 PM Heather Brady
If you are born in Guam or Puerto Rico, you are automatically granted citizenship. If you are born in American Samoa, that isn't the case.

Oil Spill Kills More Than 2,400 Animals

Friday March 30th, 2018 08:06:00 PM Elaina Zachos
An unclear amount of oil has leaked into Colombia's waterways, and environmental activists are saying an oil company is to blame.

Is This Fossil a Baby T. Rex or a Controversial ‘Nano’ Dinosaur?

Friday March 30th, 2018 04:28:55 PM Sarah Gibbens
A full set of teeth in the fossil's upper jaw were found, along with fragments of hip and skull bones.

Mysterious Giraffe Disease Has Scientists Baffled

Friday March 30th, 2018 04:10:42 PM Kelsey Lindsey
It's unknown whether the condition, which causes bloody lesions, is contributing to the decline of the world's tallest mammals.

How the World Celebrates Easter in 15 Spectacular Photos

Friday March 30th, 2018 12:00:00 PM Becky Little
From eggs to bunnies, there are almost as many ways to observe Easter as there are countries.

See Powerful Images of Pilgrims Celebrating Easter in Jerusalem

Friday March 30th, 2018 04:00:00 AM Delaney Chambers
Christians gather to commemorate the death and resurrection of Jesus during Holy Week.

Antibiotics Can’t Cure ‘Super-Gonorrhea’—Here's What That Means

Thursday March 29th, 2018 05:00:01 PM Elaina Zachos
The sexually transmitted infection has been steadily becoming more resistant to antibiotics.

These Mice Spy on Their Predators—By Sniffing Their Tears

Thursday March 29th, 2018 05:00:00 PM Kenrick Vezina
It's the first known example of prey picking up on a predator's pheromone and using it to avoid danger.

13,000-Year-Old Human Footprints Found—Oldest Yet From North America

Thursday March 29th, 2018 04:21:54 PM Sarah Gibbens
Leading theories support the idea that prehistoric Americans first populated Alaska and may have migrated south along the coast.

See How Fish Get From Coral Reefs to Your Aquarium Tank

Thursday March 29th, 2018 11:55:37 AM Jani Actman
A group of marine conservationists traced each step in the process, from capture to display.

How a Tiny Guppy Mysteriously Traveled Hundreds of Miles

Wednesday March 28th, 2018 09:18:23 PM Sarah Gibbens
One researcher found records requesting guppies for a U.S. Army base once stationed at the Brazilian island.

Bears Are Caring for Their Cubs Longer in Response to Hunting

Wednesday March 28th, 2018 08:27:02 PM Elaina Zachos
Results from a new study could have implications for brown bear evolution.

Hear the Otherworldly Screams of Lynx in Battle

Wednesday March 28th, 2018 07:02:27 PM Jason Bittel
Male Canada lynx only have limited opportunity to mate with a female, making their rivalries especially intense.

This DJ Has Written a Song for the World

Wednesday March 28th, 2018 05:35:00 PM Sarah Gibbens
A musician more known for producing electronic dance music returned to his classical roots to write a song for a nature documentary.

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