Blogs, social media and gamification: how elves and humans can close the gap between research and practice. – André Tomlin, Minervation Ltd, coordinator of the Mental Elf blog website

January 23, 2020 @ 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm
Seminar Room
Herchel Smith Building
Forvie Site.
Dr Muzaffer Kaser

In this talk, André Tomlin will focus on the difficulties that we all face in keeping up to date with reliable research and new ways that we can all adopt to engage more with the evidence that matters most. He will:

– Describe how the National Elf Service is working with leading UK universities to embed blogging and social media within Masters courses

– Inspire people interested in mental health research to get more involved in public engagement through blogs, social media and other digital media

– Explain how to digitally disseminate a new piece of research most effectively, which will be of particular interest to researchers who wish to reach a wider audience with their work

– Show how gamification can incentivise students and practitioners to keep up to date with the latest mental health research and learn more about evidence-based practice

– Give examples of innovative research projects that are using social and digital media to recruit participants and engage people more during the life cycle of the project

If you want a clear and fun introduction to the importance of blogs and social media – this talk’s for you!