The puzzle of dark matter: missing pieces at the LHC? – Katharina Behr (DESY)

November 5, 2019 @ 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Ryle Seminar Room (Rutherford 930)
William Fawcett

Unravelling the particle nature of dark matter is one of the key goals of the LHC physics programme. Dark matter cannot be detected directly by the LHC experiments but would manifest itself as missing energy in the detector signature of collision events. Complementary resonance searches targeting new mediator particles between dark and known matter provide an additional approach to explore the interactions of dark matter. To date, no evidence for dark matter or related mediators has been found. Could dark matter interactions be more complex or have otherwise have evaded detection?

I will review the diverse programme of dark matter searches on LHC Run 2 data and address strategies to extend our coverage of possible dark matter signatures at the LHC.