Creative Impact: children and young people using the arts to make measurable social and environmental impact themselves – Ben Sandbrook, Director of World Pencil

December 5, 2018 @ 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm
Donald McIntyre Building
Faculty of Education, 184 Hills Road
room GS1
Lucian Stephenson

Ben Sandbrook will give an overview of the Creative Impact programme, which is being developed across the UK to help children and young people in schools, and through arts organisations, to build their own experiences of harnessing the arts to make measurable social and/or environmental impact. He will give an account of the contemporary and long-term rationale for the programme, including creative learning in schools and the future of work, outline the approach the programme takes and describe how it is developing.

Ben works with individuals and organisations across England to support arts and creative learning, and to develop harmonious sustainable strategies for communities and collaborations. His work involves creative group facilitation, strategy development, organisational development, bringing networks of people together, and presenting and communicating ideas, with a pinch of fun and some probing questions.